Key objectives include:

  • Shift the innovation culture from education to economy.
  • Explore and develop the high calibre human resource pool that exists in the region.
  • Support successful collaborations between members of the clusters, as well as between the cluster and external partners (e.g. investors).
  • Move from small single-entity projects, to fewer large multi-partner projects, with higher eligibility for funding.
  • Help with advise on finance opportunities and funding programs.
  • Support entrepreneurial initiatives in the biotech space.
  • Represent the region’s innovation hub at the international level.
  • Attract new partners and investments to the region to create a CEE hub for innovation.
  • In terms of research areas, bioROne is focused mainly on applications of bioinformatics, drug production, pharmacogenomics, gene therapy, genetic testing, nanotechnologies, bioengineering, health services, and human diagnosis, biopharmaceuticals and equipment manufacturers.